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Karkhana: A Contemporary Collaboration

Karkhana: A Contemporary Collaboration

$ 21.25

Hardcover, perfect bound
ISBN: #1-888332-26-3
Published by The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art and Green Cardamom in conjunction with Karkahana: A Contemporary Collaboration 
Produced by Green Gardamom, London
Edited by Hammad Nasar with Anita Dawood-Nasar
Designed by Viper Sangoi, Raindesign, London
Printed by Die Keure, Bruges, Belgium
Introduction by Jessica Hough, Hammad Nasar, and Anna Sloan

One of the most groundbreaking exhibitions of contemporary Pakastani Art, this hardcover book includes work from Muhammad Imran Qureshi, Aisha Khalid, Hasnat Mahmood, Nusra Latif Qureshi, Talha Rathore and Saira Wasim. The exhibition includes a series of twelve paintings, each composed of imagery laid down by the artists in succession without a predetermined plan for its content or structure. The 'Karkhana' project was inspired in part by the cooperative nature of miniature painting in South Asia's pre-modern courts.

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