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Janine Antoni: The Girl Made of Butter

Janine Antoni: The Girl Made of Butter

$ 42.50

Softcover, perfect-bound
ISBN: #1-888332-15-8
Published by The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in conjunction with Janine Antoni: The 1999 Larry Aldrich Foundation Award Exhibition, The Girl Made of Butter, January 21 - May 20, 2001
Design by Lisa Feldman Design, Inc.
Printing: Herlin Press, Inc. 
Copy Editor: Jane Calverley

Produced on the occasion of Janine Antoni's Larry Aldrich Foundation Award exhibition, The Girl Made of Butter, Janine Antoni presents a new series of work focusing on the cow as subject and its metaphorical relationship to the mother. The new works are illustrated along with a group of related earlier pieces, and the three texts that run throughout the book are a Bahaman folk tale, the litany of Virgin Mary, and a prodigious list of products that are made from cattle by-products.

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