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Evening for Educators: Confronting Vulnerability – March 28

Evening for Educators: Confronting Vulnerability – March 28

$ 7.00

Thursday, March 28
5:30 pm to 7 pm
Adults and Educators

How can embracing vulnerability empower innovation? Join us for an impactful evening, where we explore the synergies between art, healing, and mental health through the lens of artists whose hardships have informed their artistic processes. This panel will delve into how the act of creating can serve as a therapeutic environment and how educators across disciplines can build empathy in their classroom and provide creative outlets and inspiration for students coping with mental health conditions, challenging family environments, anxiety, and stress.

Museums + Mental Health
Evening for Educators is part of a series of workshops focused on mental health, contemporary art, and teaching to neurological diversity. Meet with museum experts, art therapists, and psychologists, as we explore the healing potential of art and how it can be used as a bridge to well-being, social inclusion, and learning. Check back for information on the upcoming workshop in May.

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