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Laleh Khorramian: BEAKSHIELD

Laleh Khorramian: BEAKSHIELD

$ 46.75

The Aldrich has commissioned artist Laleh Khorramian to create limited-edition masks for the Museum’s attendants and staff. This edition will also be made available to the public for purchase in our Shop and on our website. Over the course of the summer and fall months, additional limited-edition masks designed by the artist will be released for purchase.

These are three-layer protective masks: the outer 2 layers are tightly woven cotton and the inner layer is non-fusible, non-woven interfacing. A bendable aluminum bridge fits over the nose, tapered sides fit the face, and elastic bands hold the mask around the ears or behind the head. These masks are machine washable and reusable. These masks are not surgical-grade masks, nor are they N95 masks.

Care instructions are included with the masks.

The first edition of Khorramian’s BEAKSHIELD series are all unique and hand-painted by the artist. Combining printmaking and painting techniques, the cotton masks are cut out from a large painting that Khorramian created by spraying several color layers through readymade stencils of repurposed materials that the artist recovers. Within the painting’s overall composition is a hidden message that is circulated and imparted to every person who wears the mask, invoking a daisy chain joined by a collective intention.

Laleh Khorramian’s practice spans painting, printmaking, drawing, animation, and installation, as well as wearable art under the nom de guerre LALOON. Working synchronously, Khorramian translates her visions, which transcend time and circumstance, across a wide variety of media, but claims the stain as her focal point. As Khorramian moves fluidly from one context to another, the sewing machine for her is “both a weapon and a device of creation and necessity.”

Khorramian is a cofounder with Kristen Dodge of MASKS4PEOPLE, an artist and artisan collaboration that makes protective masks free for those in need.

Laleh Khorramian was born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran, and lives and works in Catskill, New York. Khorramian’s work appeared at The Aldrich in the 2006 group exhibition, Land Mine.

This project is organized by Senior Curator, Amy Smith-Stewart.

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