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Sway - April 17

Sway - April 17

$ 27.00

Friday, April 17
7 to 9 pm
$30; $27 member
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Carl Testa's Sway is an interactive live processing environment using the SuperCollider computer music programming language. The system is inspired by interactive music systems by composers such as George Lewis, Anthony Braxton, Pauline Oliveros, and Richard Teitelbaum. The electronic control is given over to the system, where the computer analyzes audio on each musician's signal and generates a unique processing map over the course of the performance.

For this performance, Carl Testa is writing new audio processing for the Sway system and new notated musical material inspired by current exhibition, Eva LeWitt: Untitled Mesh (A-J). Sway is inherently site-specific because the space, performers, and audience all determine the outcome of the system. The immersive environment of Sway constantly shifts, establishing transformation from the musicians and audience as contributors, which in turn affects the electronic system and cycles into the process of change.

“My electronic transformations aim to be translucent so that they don't completely obscure the musicians' sounds. This allows the listener to clearly hear the combinations of instruments and electronic textures and is not unlike Eva's use of mesh to enable the viewer to experience the colors and textures that result from the combination of materials. The music gives the listener the time and space to explore what interests them. There are so many layers happening at one time that the listener can choose where to place their focus and attention at any given moment.” - Carl Testa

"What Sway does exceptionally well on the three ensemble pieces is compose with color... Sway moves instruments in and out of the foreground and mixes their voices in varying and unpredictable combinations. The closest analogy to listening to these performances would be to watching a multicolored Calder mobile set in motion."

August 6th, 2019 - Avant Music News, by Daniel Barbiero "AMN Reviews: Carl Testa – Sway Prototypes Volumes 1 and 2"

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