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"What We Hear" By Donata Libonati

It’s not difficult to find the real meaning behind your words
The constricting sentences that are meant to mold us
Into a shell of our being
To make us the way you see fit
They suppress and bind, not allowing us to be
What we are for fear of scolding and judgement and blame
Shamed for holding our heads high because we refuse to face away from the wind
Always flinching, always watching, always waiting
But don’t think we don’t see
Don’t think we don’t hear
Don’t think we don’t know what this is
Your way of disguising the boundaries
Making them seem that they are helping, bettering, “for our own good”
We are more than just flies on a wall
We have a voice, we have thoughts
Don’t expect us to keep quiet
Just because we are an inconvenience to your ears

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