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“Peter Liversidge” By Rosemary O’Keefe

Peter Liversidge
A clever man
A funny man
He brought smiles
He brought laughs
His view
Of art unlimited
Three rows of proposals
Each 20 proposals long
Hum a merry song
Of proposals thought of
And proposals done
Behind the proposals wall
Are lines that get so close
But never touch
Some may fear there's just too much space
In the room
But to me
There's just enough
To walk right through
And have some fun
Maybe Keith Richards
Might just come in
And play his guitar
Hook it up
To the amp
Turned on and waiting
Across the floor
Rocks kicked in
A rather unsubtle
“Matter, I can prove you're there”
That it's just as real
As the lakes
Pools of Connecticut
Sitting on the floor
Oh, who could ask for more?
More to come, more to see!
Play with the light set of three
Run, dance, and smile
This exhibit
Will have you stay awhile
Enjoy his endless possibility

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