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"Past, Present, Future" By Nicholas Dillon

The Past, where nature thrives,
Free from the chains of humankind
Living whole and complete
Knowing no bounds
Free to flourish in the rising sun
Colorful figures in the crisp, blue sky
Always growing, ever-changing
Free to bloom and be truly alive

The Past, where humankind dies,
Trapped by nature's restrictions
Living like primitive savages
With no direction or plans
It has the tools, just not the brains
Nature’s child, it lives in despair
Living not by its own rules and creations
But by those of another being

The Present, where nature is prisoner
Used by its child, humankind, to its advantage
Now nature is trapped by it human offspring,
The restraints and shackles know no bounds
Nature's fate is controlled by the will of humans
Imprisoned and confined, nature is trapped forever
Unable to flourish like the days of old
Used and disposed of by its own creation.

The Present, where humankind thrives,
Free from its shackles of nature
It now uses the tools given to it to control nature
To imprison nature and use it for itself
Humankind’s greed and lust know no bounds
Controlling all that it sees
It depends on nature, but destroys it all the same
Not aware of the destruction it brings upon itself

The Future, where nature all but dies
Held completely captive by the human world
Blinded in chains with no room to grow or breathe
Nature is a slave, destined to support humanity
But gaining nothing in return
Nature grows no more,
Disposed of until all of nature is gone
With humans not knowing or caring what will happen after

The Future, where humankind is all that there is
Disposing of all nature once they are done with it
It is all removed to make way for the cities
Towns of gold and gears
Nothing replanted, it’d just get in the way
It is all destroyed forever to make room
For more pointless buildings that only take up space
Humanity kills itself through its ignorance of nature
And all it provides
Killing itself slowly but surely
Ignoring its eventual demise
Living to stay in the now, because the future’s for somebody else
Why should they care if they can forget it all
In their fake world of ignorance?

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