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“Logs of Three” - A response to Virginia Overton’s Untitled (Log 1, Log 2 and Log 3) By Rosemary O’Keefe

Logs of three
Flying above me
Making me feel small
Like I don't matter at all
Big black steel
Bold and real
Tiny and slim against
The big logs of three

But do I feel small
Pinned against a wall?
Or do I feel strong and big?
Like the wood above me
Like giants’ fingers three
Are just twigs
Captured and pushed high
Through the power and promise
Of Man’s eye?

And staring upward
At the wooden giants above
And looking and seeing
Had me believing
That the iron
Is bold, sleek and strong
But it just barely holds
The wood
That stretches out so long

And this idea
Has unfolded
My mind now en-bolded

The logs of three
Have taught me
The enormity
Of the natural world
And the tiny, tiny me
Barely contain each other
And how great
our beauty can be

For we are not meant to
Control each other's world
For with each coming day
A new triumph is unfurled
For me? For you? For nature?
No, for our world.

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