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"A Conversation Amongst Logs" By Ryan J. Pratt


[Lights up on three structures. To the left, Untitled (Log Stand 1); in the middle, Untitled (Log Stand 2); to the right, Untitled (Log Stand 3). This is the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art.]

Log Stand 1: (In a thick British accent) Hello, I’m Untitled, but you can call me Log Stand 1.

Log Stand 2: (In a sweet, motherly voice) I’m also Untitled, but you can call me Log Stand 2.

Log Stand 3: (Totally disinterested) …Yada, yada… call me Log Stand 3.

LS1: There are three things you should know about us. (LS3 turns to look outside.) One: We are all from the same tree. A tree that was knocked down a little while back due to safety concerns.

LS2: (Continuing) Two: We are all separate pieces of contemporary art created by Virginia Overton.


LS1: *Ahem*

LS2: (Whispering) Three!

LS3: Oh, sorry, I was just waving to Untitled out there. How you doing Suspended Log?!

LS1: Oh my goodness!

LS2: Three was just going to say how we are on display at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art.

LS1: There’s even a sign. A little sign in the front of the room.

LS2: Back to what we were saying. We each represent a multitude of ideas, depending on the mental angles from which we are viewed.

LS3: Whoah, slow there. I thought we represented the precarious balance of humanity and nature.

LS1: Must you always! We represent the emotion and movement involved with life and death.

LS2: No, no, no. We represent every idea. We exist not as a representation to enforce a certain idea, but as an abstraction to guide thought. We can represent any meaning that comes to mind.

LS3: I think I’m right. The literal answer is usually right.

LS1: On the contrary, this is contemporary art. Metaphysical answers always prevail.

LS2: Good grief, you're both right! Now I’m gonna stop talking because I see that I’m getting nowhere with you two.

LS1 and LS3: (In unison) Fine.

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